Fit Guy Reviews

Too many people are keen on pointing their finger at the half empty glass instead of seeing the positive side of life.

Many people spend their days complaining about things they don’t have instead of being satisfied with what they already have- and I am not talking about money or material possessions only. No, I am talking about your state of mind.

No matter if you’re rich or poor, the way you look at life influences your life to the fullest. So take a look at your inner thoughts. Are those thoughts made of happiness, constructive thinking, progress etc or are they full of resentment towards other people, overwhelmed with anger and a dissatisfied mind?

We all experience ups and downs and I am not talking about temporary discouragement due to our every day life. I am talking about your state of mind and your vision of life.

If you’re not satisfied with little things while being poor, let me tell you that you will probably not be happy when richer.

You have learned to be happy, being content with the little things life can offer, like birds singing outside, the sounds of the ocean on a quiet night, a Kansas sunset in mid July or laughing with friends over something silly you did 12 years ago. The beauty of this world of ours gets overlooked a majority of the time because we are all trying to achieve this stereotypical lifestyle of living in a big house, and driving an expensive car. I’ll tell you this much. I would be content with a Hut and Hammock in Hawaii, as long as I have air conditioning in that hut, lol. Well, a good beautiful woman lying next to me in that hammock would be nice too 🙂

The beauty of life lies in little things and if you don’t take attention, you will reach the end- without having enjoyed it at all.

Regardless of any success I have had I never overlook what I have been through in my life and where I came from. It took a lot of work to get where I am today although I always tell people “I came out the womb this way” It has been a very hard road but a road I would take all over again because from a early age I learned two things and stuck with them… MAKE positive choices and KEEP negativity out of your life. Without all the hard things in my life happening I would not be half the person I am today.

You need to be able to sit with people and laugh, enjoying a deep conversation and actually listening not worrying about what you have to do tomorrow or how stressed you are. Most everything in this life can be controlled through choices. Sometimes it just takes some rearrangement of ” Playmates and Playgrounds”. You cut all the negative people and places out of your life and all of a sudden your life is much easier. Wow go figure that. People hold on to negative things sometimes because they are scared of change and have a certain comfort level with a certain someone or situation. You have to be able to let go and move on knowing there are better places to be and better people to surround yourself with.

When you can find who you really are inside and become happy with that person you will be able to make so many of those around you happy. The success you have been aiming for will all of a sudden become much more obtainable

I have learned through personal experiences, that life can seem so grand at within a blink of an eye take a 180-degree turn for the worse. You have no idea what is going to happen but you do control the choices you make and the way you live.

Do you really want to pass away and to have missed the most important things in life because you were too worried about everything else going on around you and what everyone else thought of you? You must be Happy about who “YOU” are before you can make anyone else Happy.

My advice to all of you is to enjoy life to the fullest, to care less about your enemies and envious people. Cherish the moment, be content and each moment will be worth living.

Positive thoughts will make you progress, negative thoughts will bring your demise. Everyday you have choices you can make that are healthy or unhealthy. The more healthy choices you make the better you will feel on the inside, the better you will look on the outside and the more willing you are able to let go of the negativity that we all hold deep inside.

My way of thinking and motivating is using my own life experiences and knowledge I have obtain throughout my life as well as the success I have achieved to show you a way of thinking and living that mold into the person you want to become. I can relate to about anyone in this world in one way or another and I have a way of showing and interacting that allows you to become comfortable. I will teach you to open up your heart and release a lot of the inner negativity. In place of the negative we will put in positive people, places, choices and lifestyle. I preach Happiness it’s as simple as that.

I have been at the lowest of low throughout my life and through it I have been able to see things and go through things that no person in this world should have to go through but in the end I have found my purpose in life. That is sharing my life with you in hopes that you will change your life around too. I cant explain the feeling I have waking up everyday happy and motivated. This is what I want you to feel.