Transcended Me

After reading the story Men’s Workout decided to do a 7 page spread on me about the article I wrote which many of you already know about. The car accident 2 years ago and going from being a top fitness model to losing everything as well as turning to a pointless lifestyle, then later getting back to the level of a national fitness model. Please take the time to read this if you would like. I want to thank all of my friends, family and fans that have supported me through the bad times and the good times. Many of you that know me personally know how hard I work to not only get myself to the level I want to be but also through my success giving back to help others achieve their goals. I have given up everything to get where I am. I have given up a lot of friends, the partying, the all about me attitude. My strength comes from people who are in need I share with them some of my life stories, showing them through hard work, good choices and positive people around you that you can achieve anything your heart and mind desire.. Thank you again and have a great night. Learn to be able to give a bit of yourself and in turn you will find what happiness is all about…

The Transcended Me
Micah LaCerte

I was at the peak of my career midsummer 2005, and I’d recently been on the reality show “Manhunt”. I also had just landed the Cover of Men’s Workout, and many other national publications. Everything was going in the right direction towards my dreams and goals. However, within seconds my whole life changed.

I was on my way to the airport going to Tampa, FL in June 2005 when a ladder fell off the back of a man’s truck, landing in the middle of the highway. It caused a huge car accident, and unfortunately the vehicle I was in ran into the side of a truck. The force of the impact caused major back and neck issues for me. I needed chiropractic work for over 6 months. I was unable to workout and maintain the physical condition I was used to because of the pain. I became depressed and unmotivated. I lost my strength, flexibility and dropped 30 lbs over the time period. I became so depressed and withdrawn from the passions that made me so happy. I started living a different lifestyle and accepting that I would never be able to achieve the goals I had set. I had worked so hard to obtain a fit and sculpted body and within seconds, my efforts seemed wasted.

My livelihood is working out, staying fit and living healthy. Motivating others is my main reason for working as hard as I do to become successful. Fitness modeling is about getting your body in its best shape, but unfortunately, my livelihood had been compromised because of my own lack of motivation to diet and workout properly. I was eating whatever I wanted and out partying. I was living for the moment instead of the future. I started hanging around the wrong crowd and the wrong environments. I had preached healthy living by keeping positive people around me and being in positive surroundings for so long. Then suddenly, I was putting myself in the middle of negative situations. I was trying to pillow the feelings I had inside by living a lifestyle that had never been suitable for my goals or me. I felt like I’d failed so many people around me that had supported me to continue the dream of being one of the elite fitness models in the nation. Then, as quick as it had been taken away it was given back.

Out of nowhere the January 2007 cover of Muscle and Body with Jennifer Nicole Lee and I hit the stands. I was so excited because this was the motivation I needed to reach my goals. I had no idea the cover was coming out because the picture was shot over a year ago and we had both heard nothing about it. I remember sitting down one day soon after, telling myself that I was going to give this another shot by putting 100% effort towards achieving the goals I had set over 2 years ago. I knew how much work and sacrifice it was going to take but it was a challenge I needed, and wanted.

When I was able to lift again I started back slowly. It was frustrating because not only did I lose weight I had lost most of my strength as well. A bit disappointing when I was benching 225 for 23 reps and then I got back on the bench and could barely lift 225 for 6. It made me want to scream. I didn’t know at that point if I’d overcome the challenges before me, and reach the elite fitness model level again. So, I decided to cut out all negativity, quit all the partying, and remove the negative people from my life. I was no longer going to feel sorry for myself. I started working out hard, changed my diet and went back to sprinting at the track. Within a short period of time my life was returning to normal and my body was getting back to tip-top shape. I knew this was the start of something big. I’d overcome a huge setback, but through it I became a better person.

In the last 9 months I have started working as a Club Promoter for the Hottest Spot in Kansas City Martini Corner. I have also become involved in Lifestyle Coaching. I teach people how to become successful through positive choices and healthy living. I also have a successful One-on-One/Online personal training business. I help people change their bodies but more importantly change their lifestyle. I live and teach by the motto, “Live healthy, Live happy.” My passion in life is to teach others that this way of living is where happiness is made. You become happy with whom you are and you will be able to make others happy. I have never smiled more in my life then I have recently. When you have control of your choices then you have control of your lifestyle, and you’ll live healthier, becoming happier, and spreading that happiness to those around you. The more success I get the more I am able to help others worldwide to follow their dreams through hard work and patience. This is what keeps me going everyday, and I’m grateful to live a passionate life. The feeling that I am an inspiration to so many people and showing others that no matter what negative setbacks we may have in life you have to keep stepping forward knowing that you WILL reach your goals. No matter what happens in your life, you must always try to stay positive, and keep positive people around you. Through struggle you sometimes learn the most important lessons in life, I’m living proof. 2007 has been a great year for me, and I hope my story inspires you.