Personal Training

I specialize in changing people inside out. I am not only a Personal Trainer and Fitness Model but I also do Lifestyle coaching. Teaching people the correct way of living their life through positive choices and healthy living. I have worked very hard over the last few years with everything I have accomplished but my #1 passion is helping people reach their goals. I have been given the gift of self motivation and healthy living and i try to reach as many people as possible even if it means i work 15 hours a day to do it. If you are in a situation where you have been feeling down about the way you look or how you feel inside then you need to give this a try. I PROMISE that if you give me the time I will help you reach your goals as I have with 100’s of other clients. If you need any references from men, women and children I have them for you. This is what I love and I give 100% of my knowledge to help you become the person you have wanted to be through hard work and sacrifice. At the same time I will show you how to have fun through it all!

Personal Training Sessions:
45 – 60 minutes of high intensity

Personal Training Diet:
Will teach you the proper balance of dieting to reach your goals

Personal Training Pricing:
1 session – $75
5 sessions – $350
10 sessions – $650
20 sessions – $1200
40 sessions – $2100

Personal Training – What I need from you:
The commitment that I will need from you is to make the right choices to become a better you. You will need to follow my lead and allow yourself to change inside/out. Be prepared for a lot of work and positive change but in the end I can promise you a more confident, happy, successful, fit, healthy individual

If you want the change to happen then you are the only one that can make the commitment to do it. I am here to guide you and teach you what I know so you are a healthier and overall better feeling individual.

Hope to hear from you soon if you live in the Kansas City area or are wanting a weekend boot camp.

Online Personal Training

My passion is Health and Fitness. I do what I do for those of you out there that are in need of a lifestyle change. Some want to lose weight, some want to gain muscle, others have image issues and insecurities and really want to get out of that shell. I can HELP. I have helped many people achieve their goals to becoming a better YOU. The program that I offer allows me to help you regardless of where you live. This is a cost efficient way of gaining a lot of knowledge about working out, dieting and getting your body to its top potential. If you have a good one on one personal trainer in your area and have the money then I advise going that route but if you cant afford 150 a week on training then this may be a better option. I have been a personal trainer for 7 years and a professional fitness model for 4 years. Health and fitness is my passion and helping others to reach their goals is why I do what I do. I have designed a way of reaching people all over the world and helping them directly without working with them in person.

Online Personal Training – What I need from you:

Present Workout Routine:
Do you go to a gym, if not what do you have to workout with:
Overall goals:
Any present Pictures:

Online Personal Training – The 12 Week Plan:
12 week workout plan 3-5 day split
Custom Diet
Ab Routine
The tips and tricks of sculpting your body
What to eat what not to eat

Online Personal Training – Cost:
12 Week Plan: $249.99
16 Week Plan: $299.99