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 Since 2009 Hitch Fit has helped clients in 70 Countries Lose Over 225,000 lbs


Hitch Fit is the #1 Custom Online Personal Training Program in the World  – Each Program Contains Custom Nutrition, Custom Workouts, Cardio Guidance, Supplement Guidance Personal Online Support from Micah LaCerte and Diana Chaloux Lacerte as well as a load of other information.


The goal of Hitch Fit is to help you TRANSFORM and Reach Your Goals . Hitch Fit is based around learning a healthy new lifestyle, as opposed to being another “diet” to go on and off. This is not an automated cookie cutter system. Hitch Fit clients work directly with co-founders Micah & Diana LaCerte. Micah and Diana personally review each clients information, and customize each program based on the client’s needs.


Hitch Fit offers a wide variety of program options, and works with clients of all ages, both male and female, all fitness levels and all fitness goals. Clients range from those who have over 100 pounds to lose, and need the guidance and accountability of this program in order to improve health, all the way to clients who are currently very active, but aren’t seeing the visual results that they want to, so their desire is to go from a good place to a great place.


Since Hitch Fit Online Personal Training Programs are custom made by Micah or Diana they can cater to each person’s needs. If there are food allergies or sensitivities, or if you prefer to eat vegetarian or vegan style etc. Then these things will be taken into account when putting together your program. For workouts, these can be customized according to your fitness level, and whether you will be training at the gym or at home. Cardio will vary depending on current body fat and goals.


The goal is not quick, fast weight loss (that comes right back on). We don’t believe in fad diets, or quick fixes, or stripping out complete food groups (like carbs). We believe in teaching clients a healthy, balanced style of eating, educating them on what foods to eat, how much of them to eat, and when to eat them, in order to not only get the visual result, but also create a healthier body to live in. The style of eating that we teach is one that can be utilized, literally for the rest of your life, in order to keep your body in a healthy place. We don’t believe in starving our clients, in fact we typically here that clients are too full! This is because you need to EAT to fuel the body and burn fat.


You will see hundreds of our TRANSFORMATION SUCCESS STORIES on the Hitch Fit website. These are all real clients, from all around the globe, who have worked with us personally, gone through the system and then wanted to inspire others by sharing their stories. We do not force anyone, or pay anyone to share their stories. It is completely voluntary. We never share client pictures or stories without their permission, so if that is something you are worried about, you can rest your mind at ease, it’s simply not how we operate!


Hot Bikini Mother

6 Pack Abs

Hitch Fit Online Personal Training offers programs for both fat loss (weight loss) and building muscle. Most common program length is 12 – 16 weeks, but we do have longer program options for those with higher weight loss goals.

When you sign up for a Hitch Fit program, you will receive a questionnaire to your email. This is to gather your initial information so that Micah and Diana can get to know your unique situation and create the program that is best for you. You will send that questionnaire back to them soon as you are able to. It takes 3-5 days for Micah or Diana to complete your program once that information is received. Each program comes with the Hitch Fit book & DVD downloads. These are located at the top of the questionnaire that you receive upon registration. These downloads are NOT your customized program, they are supplemental information for you as this is an education process.


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We know that change is an intimidating thing. Each person’s reasons for wanting change are different. We want you to know that we are here to help, and that we truly CARE about each client. Just because being fitness models and being in this industry is what we (Micah & Diana) felt called by God to do, doesn’t mean we think that is what everyone is supposed to do. Our goal is to help YOU get to a healthier version of YOU. We thrive on seeing the success of our clients. We have a heart and passion for this business. Even though transformation may seem like a scary thing at first, it is also one of the greatest and most empowering things you can go through. If you have a WILL to change, then there is a WAY to do it. And that is true regardless of your starting point. So please, if you want transformation, let go of the fear or intimidation, you CAN do this, and we would be blessed and honored to be a part of your journey.



Hitch Fit Online Personal Training was founded in 2009 by top Transformation Personal Trainers and WBFF World Champions Micah LaCerte and Diana Chaloux – LaCerte. With over 20 years combined experience in the fitness industry, this dynamic duo created Hitch Fit as a means of giving their clients, whether online or in person, the tools they needed and the motivation to achieve their fitness goals and then maintain them for the rest of their lives. Micah and Diana are married, reside in Kansas City, MO, where they do online personal training full time, oversee the two one on one training facilities in the Kansas City area www.HitchFitGym.com , are heavily involved with their church, and spend a lot of times with their two cats Frankie Dux and Lincoln Hawk.



Currently Hitch Fit offers online personal training worldwide, we have clients in 70 countries

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Lose Weight Feel Great Program – 12 or 16 Week Options

Lose Weight Program

Bikini Model Program – 12 or 16 Week Options

Bikini Model Program

Fitness Model Program – 12 or 16 Week Options

Fitness Model Program

Couples Boot Camp – 12 or 16 Week Options

Couples Weight Loss Program

Build Muscle Program – 12 or 16 Week Options

Build Muscle Program





For more information on each option visit the store, or stop by the HOME PAGE and listen to the audio descriptions of each program. If you still have questions on which program is right for you, please feel free to contact us via LIVE Chat, contact form, or email – Diana.Chaloux@yahoo.com or MicahLaCerte@gmail.com

Please feel free to browse through the Hitch Fit Before and After gallery, and stop by the “About Our Trainers” page to get to know Micah and Diana a little better.